Sunday, 15 May 2011

Home is where the Heart is

I'd like to share with you what it's like to feel the warmth of someone else's heart in mine, that, even though, I truly thought it wasn't possible, it is !!! That a special someone found the key to what was locked and stowed away so safely. A waterfall of love and hope seems to be streaming out, and making everything around me seem more beautiful than it already was. It's as if, the colours have come to life, making it all even more precious and unique. A sense of gratefulness has landed upon my shoulders, I stand in wonder of how it happened yet realize the time it took to unlock and free me from all doubt and reservations. It took a patient man to find the will and strength to do so, and even though right now he seems exhausted by the challenge he threw himself upon, I can only hope that he will never find regret in his actions and much love in the unveiled chambers of my heart, where only he has acquired a right of access.

Finding out that the the things you love the most are those that you least expect, pleasures hide in the littlest things, joy resides in the twinkle of the eyes, when glances meet, as if having known each other for years, they soothe the mind and rest it's thoughts, whilst deep inside you feel a sense of calmness and devotion alternated by jolts of passion. I think I could truly love to love again. Bearing in mind that you only achieve this level when you meet the right person, when the connection of the souls is a solid one, that's when sparks will fly !

All the things that had to carefully be taken into consideration, fall neatly into place. The unforeseen becomes foreseen and suddenly everything is crystal clear. The will to face the challenges that we may stumble upon, is huge and grows with every moment shared. I so look forward to what my life may bring with him, in it, so much so, that I refuse to waste a single minute.

I want to throw myself into this with everything I've got, take the plunge without fear and swim towards a happy ending, in this stream of new beginnings !!! Ready, set....and praying for 'GO' !!!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

You give me Something...

Love Actually

Love hit me completely unexpected.

Tried it's best to convince me of it's authenticity and purity.

I kept doubting it, doubting myself.

Until one day, I felt it, like a warm and comfortable blanket it had grabbed a hold of me.

And as I stumbled out the words, love flew away....just like that.

Reality had crept in and strangled it's enthusiasm, leaving behind only but a sense of tragic loss....

All my desperate attempts to revive and rekindle it seem useless and in vain.

My heart aches more than words can say, and still I wonder must I really walk away.

Why aren't my feet moving ? Why is there still a wish of hope ?

Why complicate a future with all that was in the past.....

I can only pray that what is sometimes lost, is sometimes found again.

What a bliss it is to feel, that warm and fuzzy feeling called:  LOVE.

Any day, and everyday, I will welcome it back, yet always with that fear that it may just like that, again, disappear....